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The Absolutely Don't Ever Do 

on ANY Website List

I've seen alot of websites in my 20 years doing digital marketing and web design, and I've seen some really bad ones. Sites that make you want to leave immediately or are frustrating because you want to read the content, but it looks bad on your phone. Others have navigation that is so complicated that you don't know where to go! 

I want to save you from making any of those mistakes! Here's the definitive "Don't Do It" list of good website design.  


  1. Use too many bright annoying colors - this can repel your visitors
  2. Use too many types of font or font colors on a colored background - looks tacky and amateurish
  3. Have too much text - no one really reads much anymore, say it in bullets and bite sized bits
  4. Have too many text links instead of buttons or image links - Make it big and obvious
  5. Use poor quality images - fuzzy snapshots from your cell phone kills interest
  6. Have too many navigation titles - you will confuse your visitors 
  7. Have so many different topics or projects that there is no clear focus  - again confusion is bad
  8. Create a user process that takes more than 2 clicks to go where they (and you) want to go
  9. Forget to create a clear call to action - funnel them into what you want them to do
  10. Make spelling or grammar mistakes - always have someone else proof your site
  11. Bury or block the Buy Opportunity in a poorly designed layout or too much text
  12. Forget to have an Opt-in offer that builds your mailing list
  13. Neglect to put your Contact info with phone number on your site, do "use tap to call" for mobile
  14. Forget to look at your stats and make appropriate site modifications.
For more, read The Ultimate Guide to Creating Great Websites. You'll be glad you did! Contact me for more info on creating a new great website for you or your business!
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